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Basic Bass Patch CreationAuthor: KarmaFX
Shows how to create a very simple bass patch with ADSR filter modulation.
Views:4906   Updated:01-08-2009 15:04
Basic Clicky Envelope BassAuthor: KarmaFX
Tutorial showing how to create a simple, clicky, single envelope, pulsating, sawtooth bass.
Views:2727   Updated:06-05-2009 12:21
Basic Pulsewidth ModulationAuthor: KarmaFX
Tutorial showing how to create a simple pulsewidth modulated squarewave patch from the "Simple Synth" template.
Views:2322   Updated:01-08-2009 15:04
Bass patch automationAuthor: KarmaFX
Video showing an automated bass sound that changes throughout the track. Cutoff, Resonance, Distortion Drive, and Bit Reduction are mapped as parameters to the control panel in the bottom of the screen, and hence show up as parameters inside the host application and can be automated (in this case I used Ableton Live). Then it's just a matter over tweaking and recording those parameters to taste while playing the song. The video shows the playback afterwards.
Views:1525   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
Bassline with Distorted 303 like SoundAuthor: KarmaFX
Shows how to create a 303 like bassline sound with distortion and tweak the parameters.
Views:1667   Updated:01-01-201 19:45
Creating a 303'ish soundAuthor: KarmaFX
If you want something 303'ish, perhaps with a slightly different sound to it, then it's possible inside KarmaFX Synth. The video shows tweaking such a bassline using a saw osc to connected to a filter with some fast exp envelopes assigned to cutoff and amplifier. Porta/Legato is added to get the familiar slide, and distortion, reverb and delay to add some extra sparkle.
Views:1531   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
Distortion using BitshuffleAuthor: KarmaFX
This tutorial shows how to apply unique bit crunching distortion using the bitshuffle module, by reducing the number of available bits and then shuffle the few remaining bits around.
Views:1988   Updated:01-08-2009 12:58
Dubstep wobble bassAuthor: KarmaFX
A simple dubsteppy bassline with cutoff frequency wobble and distortion.The bass consists of two square oscillators, slightly detuned and placed an octave apart. A miditrig module set in velocity mode is hooked up to the lfo rate that controls cutoff, such that the velocity in the track can control the wobble frequency. The bass also has portamento and some reberb+delay.
Views:1668   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
Exploring Modulation (no sound)Author: Flos
In this tutorial Flos explores modulation.
Views:2137   Updated:12-07-2008 12:29
Formant Filter ModulationAuthor: KarmaFX
This tutorial shows how to modulate the formant filter to soften a pad sound.
Views:2101   Updated:01-08-2009 13:03
Hard trance lead with arpeggiator and distortionAuthor: KarmaFX
Video showing the construction of a hard distortion trance lead using the built-in arpeggiator.
Views:1745   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
How to Assign Controllers to the Control PanelAuthor: KarmaFX
Shows how to add parameters to control panel for easy access and so they will appear in the host application and be controlled by automation.
Views:1892   Updated:01-08-2009 19:45
How to Tempo Sync a SampleAuthor: KarmaFX
A tutorial on how to make a loaded drum sample sync to the beat.
Views:2071   Updated:01-08-2009 13:03
Setting up a Basic Patch (no sound)Author: Flos
In this tutorial Flos shows how to setup a basic patch.
Views:4496   Updated:07-07-2008 11:07
Sidechain Compressing a Bass SequenceAuthor: KarmaFX
An advanced tutorial on how to use the compressor module to reduce frequency overlaps in a kick and bass sequence, by routing the kick sound into the sidechain of the compressor thus compressing the bass when the kick is heard.
Views:1995   Updated:01-08-2009 13:03
Simple Chorus EffectAuthor: KarmaFX
Tutorial showing how to fatten up a simple saw patch using the Chorus module.
Views:1807   Updated:01-08-2009 15:04
Simple Flange EffectAuthor: KarmaFX
Shows how to utilize the Chorus module to apply a flange effect to a drum sample with Reverb.
Views:1782   Updated:01-08-2009 15:04
Simple Unison SuperSawAuthor: KarmaFX
Shows how to fatten up a saw type lead using the Unison and Distortion modules.
Views:2174   Updated:01-08-2009 15:04
Squeaky saw leadAuthor: KarmaFX
Video showing how to do fast frequency sweeps with lfo control, to achieve that squeaky high frequency modulated lead sound, well known from access virus and psytrance music. First a good saw lead with highpass filter is created and some phase modulation. Then an LFO is hooked up to the frequency module, which gives full control over frequency. Sound is then modulated at different rates and using the sine and inverted saw waveforms.
Views:1492   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
Supersaw trance leadAuthor: KarmaFX
Supersaw trance lead somewhat similar the the Rank 1 - Airwave theme lead. Single saw is fed into the unison module, set to 10. Later in the video a squarewave lfo is modulates the cutoff and a the step module for that common trance gating effect.
Views:1730   Updated:02-09-2011 20:00
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