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Dark MatterAuthor: grymmjack/Designer Monkey
Very slick looking skin with a dark feeling.

 Downloads:1048   Size:0.06MB   Updated:12-12-2008 15:22
Minty EvilAuthor: PetRocket
Dark and green skin for late night tweaking. Minty Fresh'es evil brother.

 Downloads:548   Size:0.06MB   Updated:02-20-2010 12:09
Minty FreshAuthor: PetRocket
A simplistic and fresh looking skin.

 Downloads:559   Size:0.06MB   Updated:02-20-2010 12:09
Skin PackAuthor: KarmaFX
Raw Classic skin. Download this if you want to create your own skins for KarmaFX Synth Modular. See readme.txt for details.

 Downloads:2372   Size:0.14MB   Updated:18-11-2008 14:48
Sound GuruAuthor: Soundguru
Blue tinted skin with a cool looking background.

 Downloads:150995351   Size:0.06MB   Updated:02-20-2010 12:09
SynchroAuthor: Synchro
Simple "Live"-like skin.

 Downloads:599   Size:0.11MB   Updated:18-11-2008 14:48
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