Software License Agreement


1. Grant of License and Copyright: KarmaFX grants you, the original purchaser, the non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the program and data files constituting this software and the upgrade programs(s) and the data file(s) which may be distributed to you from time to time (herinafter called the “Software”) on up to two computers which are under your control. You are allowed to use the Software royalty-free for music and sound production, recordings and/or performances. The ownership of the rights to and the copyright of the Software (whether supplied via a CD, diskette, download via the internet or otherwise) belong to KarmaFX. KarmaFX reserves the right to make modifications to the Software and to any support services without prior notification.


2. Restrictions: The Software contains copyrighted information. For the purpose of protecting such copyrights, you may not sell, sublicense, rent, lease, convey, distribute, copy, modify, translate, reverse engineer, convert to another programming language, decompile, or disassemble the Software for any purpose, or make derivative works based on what is contained in the Software. The Software is Registered in your name and may only be used by you personally. You may make a reasonable number of backup copies of the Software for your own personal use only. You may not transfer the Registered Software to another computer through a network or to another party by any means. As a condition to use the Software, you agree that you must not use the Software to infringe the intellectual property or other rights of others, in any way. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, modification, public display, communication to the public or public performance of copyrighted works is an infringement of copyright.


3. Termination: This agreement takes effect on the date you have received the Software.  The license granted in this agreement will terminate automatically without notice from KarmaFX in the event that you breach any provision of this agreement or in any way infringe KarmaFX’s copyright in the Software. In such event you must destroy the Software and all backup copies immediately.


4. Disclaimer: The Software is provided as-is, and KarmaFX disclaims any warranty or liability obligations to you of any kind. KarmaFX disclaims all warranties relating to the Software, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and all such warranties are expressly and specifically disclaimed. KarmaFX shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Software even if KarmaFX has been advised of the possibility of such damages or claims. The user of the Software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the Software. KarmaFX will not be liable in any way for any allegations or findings of infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights as a result of your use of the Software.