KarmaFX Plugin Pack 1.7 released !

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KarmaFX Plugin Pack 1.7 released !

Post by karmafx » 03 Jun 2006 22:13

KarmaFX Plugin pack 1.7 is now ready for download.
It contains the newest beta version 0.93 of KarmaFX Synth Modular, along
with the new KarmaFX 31 Band Equalizer. The rest of the plugins have also been updated.

Here's what the EQ looks like:

The direct download link for the full KarmaFX plugin pack is: http://www.karmafx.dk/KarmaFX_Plugin_Pack17.exe

You'll find the full list of changes here: http://www.karmafx.dk/news.html

Please remember that KarmaFX Synth is beta software so for maximum safety backup any patches you might have before installing the plugins, and, preferably, if you've made a track, bounce the KarmaFX parts to audio to make sure you don't lose anything.

- KarmaFX

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