KarmaFX like a guitar amplifier

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KarmaFX like a guitar amplifier

Post by flos » 20 Oct 2007 16:06

Hey hey hey,

I write this little (very little) tutorial just to show you how to turn KarmaFX Synth (FX version) into a guitar amplifier!!! :idea:
Let's load the patch named "Input_Fuzzy guitar" in the Flos Bank, do you see it? :wink:
OK! It is very simple to use, note that there are some controls that you can get your hands on.
First, lets explain what's in: there are two distortions (Effect3 and Effect4, the third distortion -Effect 1- is there only for extreme sounds but for our purposes it's useless), then we have a couple of filters and a couple of EQs, finally we have a chorus and a delay (you can put them at the beginning of the chain to use the as stomp fx, we will use only the chorus).
What to touch and not to touch: you can tweak the distortions (you have to!), but I suggest not to change too much the EQ settings (I worked hard on them to have a balanced sound). You can change the cutoff frequency of the second filter (Filter4) just like a tone control. The controls "DRIVE", "DEPTH", "FBACK", "AMOUNT", refer to the chorus, while "DRIVE" refers to the drive setting in the first distortion.
Suggestion: try to choose the combinations of distortion type (first + second) hardfuzz/variable+soft/softtube. However you have to work on the distortions to get the tone that you prefer. :wink:
Note: this the emulation of a amp, in order to get the final sound you should use a cabinet/speaker emulator (if you have a plugin like Amplitube or Guitar Rig you are there, for a free plugin that can do this kind of stuff look at Voxengo Boogex). If you want you can add some effect ahead of KarmaFX Synth FX, or after the cabinet emulator, or you can use the effects in the patch (the chorus sounds good!).
If you are not convinced try to listen at this:


It's an archive containing some audio demos (you have the unprocessed and the processed samples). I have used KarmaFX Synth and the cabinet emulation within Amplitube, nothing else.

That's all folks!

Bye 8)

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