Couple of FR's

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Couple of FR's

Post by robenestobenz » 24 Dec 2005 04:19

Hey there everyone. God it's late, I shouldn't be messing around on the net and with Karma right now.

Anyway, just a few things I thought of recently.
  1. Invert modulation flag for a module's slider/knob
    Say I wanted a patch where playing higher notes lowered a filter's cutoff while pushing up a distortion amount. Usually, I'd need two MIDItrig modules for this to work, one inverted, using up more screenspace and pushing the patch towards the modulator comp limit a bit. If the inversion of modulation signal could be performed on a parameter by parameter basis it'd be beneficial in both these areas
  2. A sub-patch system
    With KarmaFX being so flexible and allowing you to create your own synths and effects, you sometimes hit on a group of module and a routing setup that works really well. In a similar way to good static-structure synths, you can get a wide variety of sounds from this one setup just by changing the parameters of each module.
    It would be really cool IMO if each patch could hold a set of variations within itself, like [patchname].A, [patchname].B etc,
That's all I can think of for now. I've really got to go to bed.

//Oh yeah, I love the update by the way. The parametric EQ rules, and the new envelope+stepseq workflow features are very useful. Plus, I do a lot of messing around very late at night and the save patch with project feature is going to stop those horrible moments where I look up, half asleep and realise I just saved and closed my project forgetting to write the patch I've been working on for an hour within Karma.

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