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by rwillson
11 Aug 2006 20:41
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Topic: cool reviews and manual???
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cool reviews and manual???

Very cool review and comparison, although they should of stated you nice piece of work (karmaFX) you don't need a degree in synthesis enginering to understand (unlike NI's Reaktor)... Small note... still waiting on a manual of sorts or a couple tutorials to get me past the fundamentals... other wise...
by rwillson
04 Jul 2006 14:04
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Topic: Love it and I want more...
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Love it and I want more...

I love KarmaFX and anticipate further releases. I do want to add to my christmass wish list further cc automation options (i forget how many there are now, six maybe eight, it 9AM and I slept few hours and even though I am quite awake still not functioning well). if there is already a way to ad anot...
by rwillson
04 Jul 2006 13:54
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thanx, always like new patches and presets, especialy since at the moment i am trying to remember the fundamentals of modular sysnthesis...