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by ufo
22 Dec 2015 23:19
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Topic: Update 1.18 ms20 module
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Update 1.18 ms20 module

Woo hoo
Thanks for the christmas pressie Kasper!!!! Will do tonight and play hard.

Peace, luv and aciiid
by ufo
05 Feb 2014 03:06
Forum: The Bar
Topic: Radiation Mutant tracks
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Radiation Mutant tracks

Greetings Humans Links to some of my Psy trance productions. All the Radiation Mutant tracks use KarmaFX Modular for Kicks and basslines as well as some of the wobbly madness. :mrgreen: The older Unidentified Frequency Oscillator tracks all have parts from the modular. Great machine!!!!!!!!!!!!! htt...
by ufo
04 Feb 2014 01:22
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Topic: MASTER LIST: Feature Requests
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Re: MASTER LIST: Feature Requests

Greeting and good Karma

Feature request:
Twin LFO with waveform knob to allow morphing of wave shape.
Depth and rate cross modulated for INSANITY.

I have already built one by Xmodding 2 lfos, but my true desire
is to morph wave shapes.

Thanks for listening!
by ufo
25 Jun 2008 08:36
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Topic: Psybetyarok track featuring KarmaFX Synth
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Wicked! I love this guy's manic sound.
Any chance of getting the 'patch'?

Peace Luv and Aciiid 8)