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Air Flow, Chillaxing music

Posted: 21 Mar 2008 04:49
by Argitoth

Bass - KarmaFX
Kick - KarmaFX
Lead Synth - KarmaFX + FilterBank3
Sparkly synth - KarmaFX + External reverb and delay

Supersaw Pad synth - Helix (The best synth for supersaw-type synths)
Percussion - nskit7 + LiveSlice
Congas - nskit7

The sparkly synth would have required a bit of automation without KarmaFX's modularity. I created a round envelope with the Envelope module attached to the filter. I then attached an LFO to the Envelope's offset so that each time you hit a note, the filter will randomly fade up or down to create a very liquidy sparkly effect.

Posted: 22 Mar 2008 18:18
by karmafx
extremely nice piece of music you've made there, Argi!
Those patches fit the genre perfectly. 8)

Posted: 23 Mar 2008 23:23
by Argitoth
Thanks! I continue to completely ignore all the factory presets of KarmaFX and design my own. :P

KarmaFX will play a big role in future music in this genre. Anything Need for Speed 3/4 esque is my favorite kind of electronic music.

Re: Air Flow, Chillaxing music

Posted: 29 Mar 2009 07:56
by kayanat
What music would be good for a scene in a movie where plums are getting thrown at someone? I need some funny or applicable music that would be good for a scene with a person getting plums thrown at them and getting hit.
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