[ignore this. Old PCs avoid PAD generator :D]

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[ignore this. Old PCs avoid PAD generator :D]

Post by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX » 14 Oct 2007 14:12

1. KarmaFX Synth v1.0 RC5
2. Cantabile Lite 1.2
3. It's easier to track some other problems now. There appears to be a complication with initialization. On my patch KEY Saturated Brass I've noticed I'm only hearing the OSC 1 on initial load when playing around, but after about a minute, the connected PAD generator starts spitting something out.

This is also evident with the fact there was no 'oscillator' shaking the scope in its pad generator module.

JUST CHECKED: In fact, anything with JUST a Pad generator, NO OUTPUT until about a minute. (Though I think this is ineffective on Low Precalc...)

4. Here's the patch. Look at the Pad Generator and notice there's no difference on initial start until about a minute.

http://djtbmx.soulbreakers.com/junkpile ... XSynth.zip

Thanks for your time.
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Post by karmafx » 14 Oct 2007 19:55

yes. sorry about that. It's supposed to work like that since
the pad module precomputes a very large wavetable.
you can try to set the pad quality to low, and that should improve the speed a bit. However, I've never seen it take so long as you say :shock: ...for me it's usually below 10 seconds, which is tolerable..
I'm guessing you're running on a single core CPU system??
(On dual core machines, the secondary CPU is used to compute the wavetable in parallel).

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Post by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX » 15 Oct 2007 08:55

Ah, no worries then. Yeah I'm on a single core machine (~1.7GHz running on 1GB RAM).
When I get my laptop, I "hope" it's a dual-core. :D
I think Low doesn't sound that much different anyway. Thanks for the insight.

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