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1-OSC multi-routing and polyphony issues. (Synth v1.00)

Posted: 16 Nov 2007 07:57
by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX
1. KarmaFX Synth v1.00 Registered
2. Cantabile Lite 1.2 (regardless)
3. The problem in question is, I'm trying to make a patch that uses more than one signal path with a single generator. The problem is, it sounds like it's got that polyphony problem from last time if done so. (ie: Press one note, the next will have the note from before playing simultaneously with the new note. So like, C plays C. then D would play both C and D until release)

It's worth mentioning that detuning one NotePitch controller would affect the entire signal or no effect depending on which was first.

4. I've provided two examples here. One using unison and a friendly routing. The other, two NotePitch modules to one amplifier (i've tried two seperate however, same result.) ... roblem.kfx ... roblem.kfx


Posted: 18 Nov 2007 19:19
by sync
you have to "collect" the signals first.. poly after an amp works: ... _ornot.fxp

Posted: 03 Dec 2007 03:18
by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX
I suppose a single generator to work in two different signal paths does not work then.

It's alright. Just experimenting with the seperate routing methods (it still can work individually to a single notepitch module, gives more options for oscillator morphing). Thanks.

Posted: 03 Dec 2007 04:03
by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX
Actually, your patch there seems to distort on the Unison Controller.
It 'works' but it's not the desired result, though I swear it was working before...

I've tried a working method, but it still distorts. I think Unison Controller's got a problem with different routings despite being a seperate thing., probably with the way it handles allocated voices in the patch. (It probably demands to have one signal path only, it shouldn't matter should it?) 1-OSC module problem.kfx ... tagain.mp3

First, a modified variant of sync's patch (to make it clear of the unison)
Second, the patch i just linked to.
Third, sync's original patch.