a little confused with the synth...

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a little confused with the synth...

Post by esther » 22 May 2006 14:14

hi there,
first, I was really surprised to find such a awesome synth freeware. it sounds so much better than other freeware synths!!!!

now, i'm used to work with modular software (as i once had a micro modular), so I'm familiar with the basic idea behind it and how it basically works. but: i don't manage to construct a simple synth in the karmafx synth. i don't achive, say, adsr envelope to control the amplitude of the osc. once i routed the adsr to the main volume of the synth (and it worked) but then obviously all fx are useless and i think that's no the way you do it. i deconstructed several presets but i didn't find out what i did wrong...

could someone tell me step by step how to program a very simpe synth, please? where to put what in the signal chain and stuff...

thanks in advance, esther

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Post by matthewjumpsoffbuildings » 23 May 2006 00:41

Make an Osc, that generates a constant tone....then route the osc into a note pitch controller, so you can play it like a synth on a keyboard.....then route the note controller into an amp....then make an adsr, and route it into the amp knob of the amp module...and on the amp module, uncheck the "gate" option....then make as many effects and filters as you need, and route the signal thru, until you route it to the output

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Post by billstei » 16 Aug 2006 03:44

It seems counter-intuitive to route the oscillator to the note controller, rather than the note controller to the oscillator, since my brain wants the note controller to control the pitch of the oscillator. Why this paradigm and how do I get my head wrapped around it?

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Post by karmafx » 16 Aug 2006 09:54

The confusion is understandable...
All modules that feed their signal to a controller will automatically receive a "frequency signal" that the controller generates. You never see this signal, and basically don't have to worry about it.
The reason for this design is simply to avoid clutter in the wiring, since this connection as almost always needed.

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Post by blurk » 17 Aug 2006 00:32

I have to say this is the single thing I find most confusing about the synth, so I'm glad to see an explanation for it. If this is not already in the manual you are writing, it would be good to emphasise this early, just to make sure everyone knows.

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Post by karmafx » 17 Aug 2006 08:54

don't worry...I use a lot of words to explain this behaviour in the doc :-)

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