karma fx midi cc ?

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karma fx midi cc ?

Post by flory »

hello, thank you for the plugins, the synth sounds really great.

but i have a problem with the synth, it has 8 controllers right ? but how can i assign midi cc channels to it? will it have midi-learn in the future ?

best regards flory
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Post by karmafx »

Hi flory ! :D

first make sure you have the latest version (0.87) then
* right click and load the patch "56 MidiData Test Patch".
* make sure the plugin receives midi data from you hardware synth, midi keyboard or whatever.
* play something and try to move the pitchbend wheel on your synth.
(the pitchbend wheel should now control the tune of the notes)
* now try to enable modulator2 (in the top of the screen),
this is set to "controller" and "link" which means that it always links to
the next midi controller you move.
* so try to move any controller knob on your synth, and that should control the filter cutoff.

hope this helps !

- KarmaFX
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