Buying KarmaFX synth

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Buying KarmaFX synth

Post by DJ_Rx »

Aight, I´ve been using this synth for years and it´s become a backbone to my productions. Words cannot express how much i love this synth, it´s innovative, effective, easy to use and most importently inspirational synth.

I must admit I´ve never donated for karma, reason being they only accept paypall. Rightfully the man behind karmaFX truly deservers money for his work, but I aint going to register to paypal just because i want to donate money to synth developement.

Recently the program has seen the official 1.0 version of KarmaFX wich I´ve personally waited anxiously for ages. Unfortunately when the synth finally gets released, my anxious waiting turns into frustration as it turns out you can only buy the synth via paypal :(

So, If you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add up the credit cards to your payment methods so i could finally carry on using my dear beloved KarmaFX once again.

If you cannot provide the credit card payment method, I´m willing to help you guys out by provide the whole lot (selling it legimately) for your guys via our webshop ( ) if needed ;)

I wish all the best for the KarmaFX crew, you are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!

Kindest regards,

Ville Sorsa
FINRG Recordings
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Post by karmafx »

Hi DJ_Rx!

So glad you enjoy the KarmaFX "backbone" synth !!! :D 8)

When you click "buy now", does it say "Pay with Credit Card or Log In" ?
If so, then you can simply pay with your credit card.
That is, you don't have to have a paypal account at all.

However, in some countries this "account optional" service is not supported by paypal. So if this is the case, then I agree, this is a problem.
KarmaFX have looked high and low for alternative payment options, but so far havn't found anything as reliable and secure as paypal.

If you wish to discuss alternative payment options please pm me.
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