KarmaFX Plugin Pack 1.4 released

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KarmaFX Plugin Pack 1.4 released

Post by karmafx » 01 Oct 2005 00:05

Plugin pack 1.4 is now ready for download.

Besides improvements to the KarmaFX Synth the plugin pack now also includes the KarmaFX Reverb (Yes, finally!):


One of the synths main new features is its new step sequencer (as promised):


The direct download link for the full KarmaFX plugin pack is:

You'll find the full list of changes here:

- KarmaFX

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Post by karmafx » 01 Oct 2005 01:04

Here's a quick intro guide to the step sequencer:

The step sequencer is a "Modulator" that you usually want to route into
knobs to control cutoff, pitch, volume, etc. i.e., just like an envelope.

The main difference to an envelope is that it has a certain number of fixed timesteps, usually split in quarter beats.

To get started using the step try to load the patch:
"62 Lead - Psy Step 1"
press a key, and it should loop nicely.

Using the mouse in the step sequencer display you can

* hold and drag left mouse to set amplitude of steps.
* hold and drag right mouse to set slope and length of each step.
* click and hold left mouse on handles to move steps to (off-beat) positions.

You can also play with the four knobs:
AMP: controls amplitude.
STEPTIME: Offsets the programmed step lengths.
SLOPE: Offsets the programmed slopes.
STEPS: Selects the number of steps (1-32).

The TEMPO pulldown lets you choose the number of steps per beat: quarter steps is the default.

Enabling SNAP will make the signal snap to the controls steps (if the control is an integral control). This is good for e.g. controlling notes and octaves.

Enabling SMOOTH will make the curve continuos instead of step-like.

The pushbuttons below the display are pretty obvious, except for FILL, which will repeat the current pattern (e.g. say 8 steps) to the rest of the 32 total steps.

Thats it I think...

Have fun :D

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