update...just to let you know whats going on...

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update...just to let you know whats going on...

Post by karmafx » 02 Sep 2006 14:12

Hey guys....short update from me just to let you know I'm not sleeping.
been working hard on the synth and especially hard on the manual (which btw is currently well beyond 50 pages)...

The KarmaFX synth changes scheduled for version 0.95 are as follows:

* Added multi-sample support to sampler with simple Soundfont/SF2 import.
* To avoid overflow and/or machine crash or speaker damage, modules now detect very high volume levels and self-disable with an "overflow!" warning.
* Rewrote the Chorus, added feedback filter, and reworked its interface, so it's possible to crank out thick chorus as well as flanger style effects.
* Added two-channel stereo Mixer to the Amplifier section.
* Added "Panorama" option to Amplifier, that samples the current pan-position on key trigger.
*GUI: Increased size of Step and Envelope modules.
*GUI: To avoid ghost trails modules are forced to update on window redraw.
*GUI: Added "Clone" and "Replace" options to right click on module menu.
*GUI: Added bank select submenu to right click on background menu.
*GUI: Added "antiphase" and "negative feedback" options to Phaser.
*GUI: Reordered right click menu on definable knobs in controls panel.
*GUI: Added "Shuffle" and "Flip" buttons to step sequencer.
*GUI: Better zooming in Sampler by dragging mouse up/down in sample-display.
*Bugfix: Freq snap didn't work correctly in 4 and 8 octave mode. Fixed.
*Bugfix: Infinite loop check caused crash when changing input from menu.Fixed.
*Bugfix: A sometimes hanging position marker in GUI was fixed.
*Bugfix: Delay's Pingpong knob was inverted. Fixed.
*Bugfix: Zolzer lowpass would sometimes not work after disabling module. Fixed.
*Bugfix: Possibly removed Windows ME memleak in Step and EQ31 modules.

All of this is done, but multi sampling still needs to be finetuned a bit.
I'm also working on some stuff not on the list, but its too early to say if these features will make it into version 0.95.

The Synth and FX Plugin will also be split in separate packages to allow for more installation options for the synth (patches, skins, etc)..
I also plan to update the effect plugins with tons of new presets.

To stay tuned.... release is scheduled for later this month (September). 8)

- KarmaFX

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Post by matthewjumpsoffbuildings » 03 Sep 2006 14:07

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
my god you are a champion 8)

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Post by robenestobenz » 04 Sep 2006 01:36

These changes and additions sound wonderful Kasper! A bit of an essay follows:

I'm immensely excited about the new sampler possibilities, and the overflow will also be of great use to me (I use quite a lot of resonance and feedback).

The chorus is also very good news - I've never managed to get very chorus-like results out of it in KarmaFX (though no doubt partially due to my lack of understanding).

re. the step seq and envelope modules, will it be possible to also use them with their 0.94 size? It would be useful for bigger patches and retaining layout compatibility with pre 0.95 patches.

Stereo mixer sounds very useful - how exactly does this work? Does it take two separate inputs or split a single stereo signal into L&R?

Don't quite understand the panorama feature...

Can't wait to for the clone module feature - this will see a lot of use.

I like the sound of zooming in the sampler. On that subject, does the length setting feature any kind of zero crossing detection? I just ask because it seems very easy to loop sounds seamlessly.

A few bugs I've recently noticed:
  • There is some sync problems with the LFO modules, I think. I have a patch where an LFO is synced with a step-sequencer and it drifts very slowly out of time. It might be my understanding at fault again, but I'll post the patch tomorrow.
  • Once you reach a certain amount of characters in the patch description box (about two lines the width of the visible area) KarmaFX will crash the host upon save and delete the patch from your hard drive. When it did this I couldn't manage to bring back the file even with recovery software.
  • I've brought this one up before I think, but the Zolzer filter's bandpass mode doesn't seem to work.
Re. the effects, do you have any plans to implement the filters within KarmaFX modular into the KarmaFX filter plugin?

Anyway, can't wait for the next release of my favourite plugin - sounds like it's going to be a good one. I look forward to getting a better understanding of the synth once the manual is done as well.

//ps. I only just noticed - it's great to see the synth rated so highly in the Computer Music article.

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Post by karmafx » 05 Sep 2006 17:57

Thanks for the comments and bug reports !

Regarding the mixer, I've pasted a clip from the manual below (I love saying that....btw: its now more than 60 pages and rising :-) .

The panorma switch simply means that the pan position modulation is sampled on key trigger and then held for the duration of the note.. so each time you hit a key it will be placed somewhere in the stereo field.

Actually the (Zolzer) filters in KarmaFX Synth are used in the KarmaFX filter plugin. ...where you thinking of some other filters you like ?

Thanks again !

- KarmaFX


Mixer is a special module for mixing two (and only two) incoming signals. By default the synth automatically mixes all signals sent to a module, but in this case you can control the type of mixing to use.


MIX Changes the mix ratio between the incoming signals. Centered equals 50/50 mixing ratio.

AMP Changes the volume of the incoming signal. Centered means no change in volume. A higher setting boosts, while a lower setting reduces the volume.

PAN When in stereo mode this knob pans the signal left or right.

MOD Controls how much modulation to apply to the Mix knob. If Mix isn't modulated this knob has no effect.

MIX TYPE Chooses the Mixing type to use to combine the two signals:Add: Linearly Add the two signals. This standard mixing is the default. Sub: Subtract the two signals. Ringmod: Multiply the two signals.2xMono: Take two mono signals and put them in the left and right channel. Xor: Perform a per-sample binary Xor operation on the two signals.Greater: Perform per-sample comparison the two signals, and choose the largest.

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Post by matthewjumpsoffbuildings » 06 Sep 2006 00:34

the "Greater" mix mode sounds like it could yield some interesting results :D

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Post by BKTormey » 06 Sep 2006 03:11

Naming this module a "mixer" is an understatement! It seems more like an multi-purpose "operator" module -- although FM owns the rights to that name.

Is the mixer's PAN modulate-able? (Sorry, had to ask.)

Thanks for a great synth and for a much anticpated update and manual.

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Post by karmafx » 06 Sep 2006 09:44

BKTormey wrote: Is the mixer's PAN modulate-able? (Sorry, had to ask.)
yes, of course :D

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Post by autodafe » 23 Sep 2006 01:43

can't wait to see it released !!!

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Post by JamminFool » 23 Sep 2006 14:17

been away from the forum for awhile. great to see the new stuff that is palnned. i can't wait for the manual.

thanks so much for this great instrument!

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