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FR: arrows visible

Post by frankvg » 05 Dec 2006 12:43

Lots of time the arrows of the cables disappear behind the modules although there is space for them to be visible. Can you make them prefer not to be behind a component?


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Post by matthewjumpsoffbuildings » 05 Dec 2006 23:07

yea - instead of centring them on the length of the cable, it would be great if u could centre them on the portion of the cable that is not hidden by modules...

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Post by karmafx » 27 Dec 2006 11:44

Thanks, I've added it to the list, but I think this FR wont make it until after version 1... sorry :roll:

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Post by airyck » 04 Jan 2007 15:59

a little annoying but it's workable for now :wink:

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