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Improvements ...

Post by seezto » 07 Mar 2009 22:50

Hello Kasper.

First of all tell you that this text is translated with the help of google, because my language is Spanish. I hope the translation is meant something ...

I must congratulate you on the great work you have done with synth karmafx, I am hooked to it, a few days ago that I buy and I am studying the manual that explained everything perfectly.

My suggestions for the next version are:

Able to assign a midi control to activate and deactivate some modules, such as effects, thus automated sequencer.

Take a module based on granular synthesis.

Have a vst version of 64 bits.

Remove the limit of 8 modules (Maybe if you move your vst 64 bits would be gained in speed and remove the limit imposed podira).
Is that this limitation is to prevent the program cpu crash, however, computers are getting faster and you want to put more than 8 modules try luck ...

Just a greeting and good work.

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Re: Improvements ...

Post by karmafx » 06 Sep 2009 23:13

Thanks so much for the feedback and sorry for the slow reply, seezto!! :roll:
Good suggestions, and I agree, so I've added them to the list :)
Thanks again.

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Re: Improvements ...

Post by MadGonzo » 07 Sep 2009 20:54

64bit would be cool but isnt that more or less dependent upon the host?

and as far as i know, most producers live in the stone-age (unlike me)
and i dont know about a single host that supports 64bit
i hope im wrong, and even though ill stick to my FL regardless, its a mystery to me, when 64bit was introduced so long ago, why we actually still make 32bit apps :|

or OSes... for that matter

btw, granular, isnt that hard to make?

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Re: Improvements ...

Post by bradleyfilms » 12 Sep 2009 00:34

64 bit is a very good idea. For a host, have a look at Reaper which soon should be able to host both without bridging software

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