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Extra Patch Banks for KarmaFX Synth Modular

Posted: 09 Nov 2007 23:31
by karmafx
I'm in the process of setting up a download area for extra patch banks (to replace this part of the forum)!

The idea is to have all the cool user-contributed patch banks, plus more patch banks from me, accesible from one place.

For this to work I need your contribution ! So if you have made a cool bank of patches that you wish to share, please let me know, and I will send you the details. If you are in the process of working on a bank, please reply here too.

Thanks. In time I hope to be able to share lots of homemade user patches this way ! So stay tuned. 8)

Posted: 16 Nov 2007 07:26
by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX
Before the end of the year I should complete my work-in-progress set of patches.

Posted: 17 Nov 2007 22:28
by sync
Ill check in some of the ones im doing, ill keep ya updated.

Posted: 24 Nov 2007 00:37
by ittai
doing a lot of new patches atm, i'll share the best ones once i have a full bank

Posted: 24 Nov 2007 22:31
by karmafx
Sounds really good!
I've been working on a bank myself and made the initial version of the patch bank page too.

Each bank will be represented with:
  • 1) A small icon (jpg,100x100 pixels),
    2) A short description of the sounds, intended music style, etc.,
    3) a 2-3 minute demo sound (mp3, 44.1kHz),
    4) an optional link to the authors page,
    5) and of course a local download link to the bank itself.
I plan to launch it in january.
I hope that should give you plenty of time to finish your banks and apply the final touches to your sounds.

Posted: 25 Nov 2007 13:16
by ittai
very good idea!!!

i'll try to have at least 1 bank finished by january

Please submit your homegrown patch banks now

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 22:43
by karmafx
Okay, now is the time! 8)
Please send patch banks directly to karmafx eíther zipped or rared or as url.

Please also include:

* Your name (or handle).
* A short description of the bank.

...and optionally :

* Your e-mail address or webpage url.
* A demo mp3 showing off some patches from the bank.
* A 100x100 pixel icon to represent your bank.

Thank you very much.