Psybetyarok track featuring KarmaFX Synth

Music and sound made using KarmaFX plugins
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Psybetyarok track featuring KarmaFX Synth

Post by karmafx »

One of the latest releases from hungarian psytrance producers Psybetyárok features a wicked bass made with KarmaFX Synth Modular. The track "Psybetyárok - The Witch Hunt", will appear on the upcoming VA compilation "Electric Blue Magik Test Vol.1".

KarmaFX greetings from Csaba Kerekes (aka NasCa)/Psybetyarok:
"Really twisted synth with powerful sound, i like it a lot! : )" ; ) keep it up bro! Cheers."
You can visit Psybetyárok here: 8)

An unmastered 2 min. preview of the track is available here: ... maprev.mp3
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Post by Argitoth »

I dunno if this is going to sound rude, but he couldn't even be bothered to post a sample himself? Not only that, he posts a partial track and it doesn't even sound that great. I don't even know what he used KarmaFX for. Looks more like an advertisement stunt to me.

I plan on posting some decent audio demos.
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Post by karmafx »

well... I am the one who asked him if I could post the track, so no, it is not an advertisement stunt. :)

Personally, I think it sounds great! 8) The synth was only used for the bass though. Of course, since it is a commercial track the whole track cannot be demoed.

But I really want people to post their tracks/demos here, so please be gentle in your comments. It is not so important if the track as a whole sounds good or bad. That is always subjective. The important thing is that the synth is put to good use. And that it gives people an idea of just what this beast can do in real music, beyond fancy presets. 8)

That said, I am really looking forward to your audio demos ! :D
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Post by ufo »

Wicked! I love this guy's manic sound.
Any chance of getting the 'patch'?

Peace Luv and Aciiid 8)
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Post by MadGonzo »

that one synth is good, bass that is (, but also crazy easy to make :P )
i strongly dislike the rest of the "sound", then again psytrance is really not me
the start of the song sounds really good, it just doesnt go anywhere after that
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Re: Psybetyarok track featuring KarmaFX Synth

Post by pablo »

deam shit man this is great f***ing track
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