Please submit user patches here!

Additional banks and user patches, submit your own!
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Please submit user patches here!

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Please create a new thread for each patch / all your own patches.
This will make it easier for others to recognize and comment on the sound!

Stuff that should be submitted here include:

1) KarmaFX Synth Patch banks: Preferably in a zip archive containing the entire patch bank directory (including the index file). User banks will be placed on the stuff page, with full author credits. If you have a personal site you wish us to link to, please supply the url too.

2) Effect plugin presets: To share presets from the KarmaFX Plugin Pack, simply export presets as .fxp or .fxb.

3) Demo mp3's: If possible please also supply a small mp3 example to people can hear the patches in action.

4) Single patches: To submit a single or only a few patches from a KarmaFX Synth bank, go to your "KarmaFX/Synth/Banks" directory. You can easily find your patches in the subdirectory of the Bank, of which you saved the patch in. Alternatively, export patches as .fxp.

5) Info: Remember to write a short description of your bank or patches, i.e., is it effects, drums, leads, etc., music style, how to use, and so on.

Tip: Please Remember to use the Patch notes / Author edit in KarmaFX Synth!