dj.tuBIG's KarmaFX Synth Patches (WIP 2) 17 oct

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dj.tuBIG's KarmaFX Synth Patches (WIP 2) 17 oct

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Last updated 17 OCT 07

Bloody beast this synth is, though very heavy on CPU so I've taken some precautions.

My presets are made solely for the use of performance and as much control (at a generic scale) as needed.

Right now I just have to get used to how things work with this, though bloody hell it's huge.

Last updated 11th October 2007
Preset list:

LED Prophland Saw Lead
LED Squeamish
LEDKEY Rustbreath
LED Silko
LED Worn out
LED The X-Files Theme
LED Bloody Cascada
LED Punk Corsten
LED Rudess Lead KFX
LEDFX Meth Break
LEDBAS Metal Brush
LED Blown Synth
NEW LED Hard Syncro
NEW LED Saturheiner
KEY Shit Cheap Organ*
KEY Junk Shop Keys*
KEY Sorta DX*
KEY Junk Shop Keys 2*
KEY Saturated Brass
KEY Typical Trance Chord
NEW KEY Typical TranceChord2
NEW KEY Al-Ou'gaan*
BAS Cheapo*
BAS 808 Gabba
NEW BAS Piss Weak Monster*
NEW BAS Syndgeridoo
NEW Bevel*
PAD Bowed Texture*
PAD Flat Texture*
*denoted is unfinished
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Post by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX »

I think this will be all I'll make for now (in the future, by the time I register for it, I will expand on it). Until then, enjoy. :D
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Post by karmafx »

some amazingly cool patches you've made there.
I especially like the fat unison leads and the 808 clone. Great job! :D
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