Possible issue with Envelope modulator (Synth RC5)

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Possible issue with Envelope modulator (Synth RC5)

Post by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX » 14 Oct 2007 14:25

1. KarmaFX Synth v1.0 RC5
2. Cantabile Lite 1.2
3. While envelope retriggers when Trigger is enabled, unless I'm doing something wrong there seems to be a problem in terms of 'retriggering' when Trigger is OFF.

For example, the envelope already completes its course to the end, but even when letting go of all notes and pressing anything, it seems to be a bit of a chore for the envelope to retrigger once again. (Sometimes at random, but in this case, doesn't retrigger at all once the envelope goes through once.)

Is there a possibility to have it detect a 'Release' or "poly=0" with trigger=off so that it retriggers to the beginning of the envelope?

This is for the purpose of keeping things 'smooth' in either Mono or Legato mode (this doesn't make a difference at this stage; they both act the same with this.) while not giving it too much attack on each pressed note, but like, after a note is instantly released then the next strikes, it retriggers.

Trigger on: too much retriggering from every note.
Trigger off: not enough retriggering after poly=0.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

4. I've modified one of my existing patches to make it easier for you to address this issue. The important aspect is looking at the "ENVELOPE" module in the chain, and the TRIGGER issue and playing around with notes.

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http://djtbmx.soulbreakers.com/junkpile/006_LED Rudess needsafix.kfx
Thank you once again. :D

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