[RESOLVED] BUG: Sound Dropout

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[RESOLVED] BUG: Sound Dropout

Post by Argitoth »

1: KarmaFX Synth 1.0
2: Cubase Studio 4
3: Connect the KarmaFX output (the one and only output module) to EnvFollow module. Connect the EnvFollow Module to a filter cutoff.
4: Reproducible

5: Remedy - Reload the patch
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Re: BUG: Sound Dropout

Post by karmafx »

Finally got around to check out this bug during clean up in the forum. Sorry for the lazyness :oops: :oops:

I have reproduced this!, but I hate to ask isn't that to be expected? :lol:

I mean, it is essentially an infinite loop where the output, volume controls the cutoff...That means that the cutoff might be lowered due to the env mod, and hence in time cut the output.

Now, if the patch suddenly works a lot different after loading it again, then it sounds like a bug, but I havn't been able to reproduce that.
Mapping to other knobs than cutoff seem to work too.
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