Yhimself - Floatin in XTC --" Fruity Loops video

Music and sound made using KarmaFX plugins
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Yhimself - Floatin in XTC --" Fruity Loops video

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Found this youtube clip showing KarmaFX Reverb and KarmaFX Deelay in action on a quite nice FL Studio track by Yhimself...

New track is up!
"stole" the "floatin in xtc" chorus from "Bone Thugs and Harmony" (or what theyr called)
Im not usin it to make any money so i dont think they`l mind =)

Anyway, used some samples from the "Vengeance Essential Clubsounds" form vip zone.
I use the ReFx Nexus for the synth.
Ozone 3 to master.
And KarmaFX and OmniVerb for the reverbs... Nothing new except the OmniVerb, i really like it! It gives a "warm" reverb and its gateable :D
Ive also started using some more of the KarmaFX DeeLay, and set it with a "Q" and "resonant" feedback, you can hear that on the vocals (the delay going in to higher frequencys) its a really nice effect.
Also if you can hear this in stereo you`ll notice i set the multiband stereo imaging in negative for the midrange and low frequencys, as apposed to what i use to do is set it to positive... And i like the negative setting better ;)
Full track can be downloaded here:
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