Music and sound made using KarmaFX plugins
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A tune i made quite quickly.
All the background ambient sounds and drones are made using KarmaFX Synth : 4 or 5 different patches of my own were used, taken from a bank i started some months ago consisting of "simple drones" made with KarmaFX Synth + also the last "chords" sound (+effects) (so, all the sounds except the main one of the first part which is FM8 + lots of effects and KarmaFX reverb, and the "drums")

here it is

Hope you like it
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Re: bbALLS

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hi ksn! :D :D :D

really cool tune and with some crazy, evolving drones you've made there!
Reminds me of the subby music in some old school 64k intros back in the days 8) 8)

Looking forward to a bank full of drones! Good stuff! :twisted:
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