Praise for KarmaFX; Sample rates above 44.1kHz?

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Praise for KarmaFX; Sample rates above 44.1kHz?

Post by Waveformer »

This is the most enjoyable synth I've ever seen! You can't beat it for experimenting. The visible automation activity and waveforms are a huge help in navigating a complicated patch, and especially in figuring out what to do get closer to the sound you have in mind.

On sample rates: when using the Mac demo under Logic Pro 9.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.6, I discovered that KarmaFX was consistently out of tune by more than a semitone with the synths on my other tracks. I finally figured out that if I converted the project to a sample rate of 44.1kHz, it was back in tune. I couldn't find any mention of sample rates in the specs. Does the PC version do higher sample rates? I realize that the Mac version is relatively new, so maybe this is something that just hasn't been implemented yet.
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Re: Praise for KarmaFX; Sample rates above 44.1kHz?

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All sample rates should be supported on both pc and mac, so that sounds like a bug.
This has worked fine on pc for many years, so yeah, could be mac only... I'll have to look into that.
Thanks for reporting and for the kind words. Glad you like the synth otherwise. 8)
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Re: Praise for KarmaFX; Sample rates above 44.1kHz?

Post by 48k »

Just bumping this coz I love the synth but I've noticed some of the sounds I'm creating seem out of tune 2?

Even when the note controller settings are set to in tune values! I'm on the mac version, are you any closer to confirming or even tracking this bug?

If it's not a bug, what else could be causing the pitch offset? sample rates??
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