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been playing around with the FM controller module on the back end of a sampler - and being a bit thick-
what does the mod index control do? (apart from produce really cool sounds)

also it would be really nice to be able to allow two signals to be used for FM or PM, rather than using the controller module's own osc, i saw you mentioned a 'combiner' module in another thread and it would be really nice if it could allow FM/PM modulation between signals

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Re: FM!

Post by karmafx »

It is important to understand there are different kinds of FM. There is regular FM where the frequency of the control signal is modulated by some modulation signal (This is what the "FM" controller module does), following the pitch of the original signal. modindex controls how much fm modulation you want. i.e the amplitude of the modulator signal.

There is also phase modulation (PM) which sounds like FM. You can achieve that by hooking up a HFO, set to work in FM mode, to the phase knob of an additive module
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