Mono mode problems!

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Mono mode problems!

Post by BruceHoward »

Forgive me if this sounds ignorant. I ran into a problem using the monophonic mode of the pitch controller. If I a hold a key (let's say, a bass note on the lower register) and start playing another note, most of the VSTs and VAs I am used to would revert back to the bass note once I release the higher note. With KarmaFX, the higher note keeps playing even though I am now only holding the bass note. This is a last-note-priority mode I haven't encountered before. Is there a way of getting around this? I would like to obtain an effect similar to what Keith Emerson does with portmento and a bass note drone.
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Re: Mono mode problems!

Post by zythum »

Do you have a note pitch controller module in the chain? If not, that's probably why it's not responding to note triggers. Also, the pitch module is where you'll find your mono-poly selection as well as the portamento knob for the Emerson sound that you're looking for.
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