Have notepitch control filter-frequency

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Have notepitch control filter-frequency

Post by ChrKrabbe »

I'll get to what I mean in a second, but let me give an example of it's usability (what I wanted to use it for):

I made the typical submarine-movie's ping-sound. Here's how it's done:
* Take 8 white noise generators (for a richer result)
* Pipe the mixed signal through 3 identical parametric filters (bandpass mode, max resonance), connected sequentially.
* Pipe the final filter to output (where the volume is controled via an envelope).

There's the "ping-sound", if all you need is a single frequency ping. What I was trying to do, was controling each filters' frequency, with the notepitch-controller. This way I could use the ping-sound as a multinote instrument, and use it to play a song with it.

Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification...

Best regards
Christian Krabbe
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Re: Have notepitch control filter-frequency

Post by karmafx »

Hi Christian!

Sounds like a great idea!
You could control the cutoff frequency using a miditrig module, but I guess that isn't precise enough for hitting the exact note frequencies.
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