cpu over load

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cpu over load

Post by mejinuf »


Just purchsed karmafx synth modular a couple of days ago and im having huge cpu overloads, did not have any problems with the demo version but since i installed the full version it started. It goes way over 100% and i practicaly cannot use it.

Im running it in live 8, windows 7 pro, i5 quad core 2.8ghz with 16g of ram, thanks again!
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Re: cpu over load

Post by karmafx »

Hi mejinuf,

So sorry to hear you are having problems! :shock: :shock: :oops:
I'm using almost the exact same setup as you, except for the cpu, and have not had any reports of this issue before, which leads me to believe it is system related. Also, the demo uses almost the same code as the registered version, so there should be no differences in functionality, or audio wise. I of course cannot rule out that the should be some issue with i5,but that would be really weird.

So it goes >100% on even the simplest default patch? Or in which situations does this happen exactly? If possible, can you please send me a Live project?

If it turns out you cannot use it at all, I will of course offer to unregister you and give you a full refund. Please pm or email me.
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