Where is the download?

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Where is the download?

Post by Riggar »

I noticed the forum blurb said either go ahead and get it now using your regular download link or click right inside the synth. Where is the regular download link - is that downloading the demo again?

I've clicked right but unfortunately Avast has interfered and I can't click right again - so I'd just want to download it but I don't see a download area/button?
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Re: Where is the download?

Post by karmafx »

Hi! Thanks for getting in touch!

The "regular download link" simply means the links you got by email when you first purchased KarmaFX Synth Modular.

In case you lost them, please send me your registration details by email, and I will make sure to send them to you again.

Alternatively, you can click the "check for update now" option in the right click menu inside the synth, but that of course requires that you already have the synth installed.

- Kasper / KarmaFX
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