All together now - KarmaFX Synth featured in Computer Music Magazine, February issue

Thu, 05 Feb 2009

Scot Solida uses KarmaFX Synth Modular to fatten up waveforms while uncovering the unique undulations of the unison effect (without even touching the unison module). All in this months Synth Essentials column.

Scot writes:

“ We'll can take control over each and every parameter, giving our unison tone a distinct edge over the prefab variety. All we need is a modular synth and a computer with enough grunt to run the thing! ”

KarmaFX Synth Modular Reviewed in Computer Music Magazine, January issue

Thu, 15 Jan 2009

KarmaFX Synth Modular is reviewed in the January issue of Computer Music Magazine. It receives a whopping 9/10 rating and their Computer Music Value Award!

CM writes:

“ If you're looking for a modular synth that works well in a sequencer environment, then we have no hesitation in recommending this one, especially as it's so reasonably priced. ”

CM Verdict: 9/10

“ KarmaFX Synth Modular is a great buy, especially for synth fiends in danger of outgrowing their current instruments ”

The full review can be read online here.

Dead Ringers - KarmaFX Synth featured in Computer Music Magazine, January issue

Thu, 15 Jan 2009

Scot Solida uses KarmaFX Synth for emulating old-skool drum machines and using self-oscillation for adding zing, in this months Synth Essentials column.

Scot writes:

“ We need a lot of flexibility to create the ringing filter signal path, so a modular synthesiser is an obvious choice. As usual, I'll be calling upon KarmaFX Synth Modular... ”

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.04 and Plugin Pack 2.1 released !

Mon, 17 Nov 2008

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.04 and KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.1 have been released.
The updates mainly contain bugfixes. See changelogs below.
A couple of new features have been added to the Synth and a fresh install is required.
Registered users should have received their new download link by e-mail.
Synth Modular price has been adjusted to take into account the recent rise in the US dollar.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.04 changelog.
  • Added Kybd tracking support to parametric filter (in lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch mode).
  • Replaced random waveform in lfo with one that has 1 step-change per period unlike old random that does 16.
    Old random has been renamed to 'Random16'.
  • Added right click volume-range option (+6dB (default), +12dB or +24dB) to output module. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Added Clk option to Envelope and Step modules.
  • Added Linear, Cubic and Hermite curve modes to Envelope module.
  • Sampler now also imports loop info from .wav files if available.
  • Added limited support for .sfz soundfont import in Sampler. (Thanks Jeremy)
  • Updated and added a few new patches. Changed almost all patches to be tuned in C. [requires fresh install]
  • GUI: Display in Sampler, Envelope, Additive, Pad, Step and Pattern can now be scrolled and zoomed using mouse wheel.
  • GUI: Envelope and Step displays can now be zoomed/scrolled vertically by holding shift and using mouse wheel.
  • GUI: Envelope control points now auto-snap to zero amplitude.
  • GUI: Sustain markers now change color when selected/dragged + Added extra bottom handle for easier editing.
  • GUI: Added waveform save option to Pad module. (Thanks Stephen)
  • GUI: Added simple gradient support to displays for future skins. (Thanks Rick)
  • GUI: Created new default skin. Old skin is still there but now known as 'Classic'. Blue skin is now included with the demo, whereas Synchro skin has been removed from the demo to save bandwith.
  • GUI: Envelope curves can now be flipped by double right-clicking.
  • GUI: Added Invert option to right click menu in Additive/Pad modules.
  • Bugfix: Patching modulator to ADSR could make the synth crash due to a compiler error. Fixed. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Frequency snap rounding error: Turning the control knob to -63 would set the semitone to -11 when it should be -12. Same for octave and cents. Fixed. (Thanks sweet_trip)
  • Bugfix: When creating new banks a "recreating index.txt" message would appear since v1.02. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Tempo sync could occasionally be off by one sample causing sync to slowly drift. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: VST Host tempo is now validated before use [requires fresh install].
  • Bugfix: Step, Envelope and Parametric filter modules didn't utilize their entire display area. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Zooming and scrolling a sample in the sampler could be jerky. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Suddenly loosing mouse capture could result in hanging menus. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Display text for slider movement was shown wrong. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Zolzer Keyb tracking was not working in 4 pole mode. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Gain and Mod depth did not switch correctly when switching filters in parametric module. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: ADSR smoothing filter was enabled in Clk mode. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Resource frame count was handled inaccurately for sliders and knobs causing redraw artifacts in new skins. Skins have been updated (Thanks Rick). [requires fresh install]
  • Bugfix: Wire drawing could look funky when creating a new connection in bounce mode. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Custom resolution would malfunction when using simplex mode after closing/reopening the synth. Fixed. (Thanks ksn)
  • Bugfix: Detaching Unison module using Input menu could make the synth crash. Fixed. (Thanks dj.tuBIG)
  • Bugfix: Additive/Pad would in rare cases minimize and maximize randomly when receiving mouse up events. Fixed.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • User's Manual has been updated to revision 1.11.

    Demo version expires May, 2009.
KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.1 changelog.
  • Equalizer and Reverb upgraded from VST SDK 2.2 to 2.3.
  • Reverb performance tweaks.
  • Bugfix: VST Host tempo is now validated before use in all plugins.
  • Bugfix: Equalizer had memory leaks. Fixed. (Thanks Music_Man)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer wrongfully created a memleaks log file on exit. Fixed. (Thanks Music_Man)
  • User's Manual has been updated to revision 1.03.

Riveting reeds - KarmaFX Synth featured in Computer Music Magazine, October issue

Thu, 02 Oct 2008

Scot Solida uses KarmaFX Synth to recreate convincing reed sounds in the October issue of Computer Music Magazine.

Scot writes:

“ ...While we could do a pretty good job of this with a virtual analogue, I think better results can be obtained from something a little more cutting-edge...We need a synth with an additive oscillator. KarmaFX does the job, as ever... ”

In another article in the very same issue, KarmaFX Synth is also used to recreate well known Sci-Fi sounds!

Stuff section updated!

Fri, 19 Sep 2008

The Stuff section has been updated with a couple of new entries.

Legendary Goa- and Psy-Trance producer and pioneer, Bill Halsey (the man behind Cosmosis and Mumbo Jumbo) has generously posted a collection of patches for KarmaFX Deelay that he uses. Also, some KarmaFX Synth banks posted on the forum earlier on have now found their way to the Stuff section.

KarmaFX humbly thanks the contributors!

Leave some feedback - KarmaFX Synth featured in CM Synth Essentials, Summer issue

Mon, 01 Sep 2008

Scot Solida plays with feedback in this Summer's issue of Computer Music Magazine

Scot writes:

“ Modular synthesizers offer lots of interesting feedback options. I created a track on my last album using a constantly cycling feedback loop I patched on my big modular system. KarmaFX Synth can do it too... ”

More Downloadable Stuff and Tutorials for KarmaFX Synth Modular!

Sat, 19 Jul 2008

A new webpage with room for more downloadable stuff for KarmaFX Synth Modular, like patch banks, tutorials and skins, has been added. Right now it contains two very nice patch banks, two video tutorials and a skinpack for those interested in making their own skins. In time more stuff will be added.

Simply look for "stuff" in the menu above or click here.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.03 and Plugin Pack 2.0b released !

Sun, 06 Jul 2008

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.03 and KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.0b have been released.
The updates mainly contain bugfixes. Registered users have been notified by e-mail.
A fresh install is required.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.03 changelog.
  • Safer memory allocation and sharing between dll's. [requires fresh install]
  • Added extra waveforms to additive and pad module. (Thanks MadGonzo)
  • Bugfix: Reading an external patch (track or fxp) that resides in a non-existing bank would crash the synth since v1.02. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Rounding error in Parametric filter could cause crash. Fixed. (Thanks Dennis)
  • Bugfix: Rounding error in Distortion module could cause output from random distortion types. Fixed. (Thanks Dennis)
  • Bugfix: Custom window size dialog would block other dialogs afterwards. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Frequency snap was not working properly in polyphonic mode. Fixed. (Thanks Dennis)
  • Bugfix: Decay in ADSR was not working when set to zero in Log mode. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Step and NotePattern module would not sync correctly with a pattern length of 1. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Additive modules are now initialized to random phases to avoid phase-sync when trigger is off. (Thanks MadGonzo)
  • Bugfix: Possible mem trash found and fixed in delay code.
  • Bugfix: NotePattern arpeggiator could loose sync and occasionally skip octaves. Fixed. (Thanks MadGonzo)
  • Bugfix: NotePattern's timing was off with short pattern lengths. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Porta was working strangely on note off in polyphonic mode. Fixed. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Pattern module would not pass midi control events. Fixed. (Thanks Dennis)
  • Bugfix: Deleting a modulation module connected to a polyphonic module could crash the synth. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Pad wavetable lookup was broken when modulating the input frequency. Fixed. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Switching to a pad module with Trigger set to off could crash the synth. Fixed.

    Demo version expires October, 2008.
KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.0b changelog.

  • Uninitialized data bug found and fixed in Equalizer.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.02 released !

Fri, 06 Jun 2008

Contains bugfixes and some minor new features.
Registered users have been notified by e-mail.
A fresh install is required.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.02 changelog.
  • When a bank's index file is missing the synth will now recreate a new index file from the files residing in the folder. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • GUI: Added support for custom window sizes, from 400x400 to 4096x2048. [Requires fresh install]
  • GUI: Control panel now snaps to its default position in the bottom of the main window.
  • GUI: Added simple (undocumented) support for runtime screenshot and video recording (incl. audio) for tutorial purposes.
  • Bugfix: Noise modules are now initialized with random seeds to avoid phasing effects in non-trigger mode. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Synth would freeze inside Cakewalk Sonar 7.x. Turns out Sonar doesn't allow more than one stereo input, so a workaround for Sonar has been made. [Requires fresh install].
  • Bugfix: Crash after importing a wav into the additive module and then minimizing it. Fixed. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Improved polypony intelligence since notecuts could happen randomly. The new scheme finds the channel with the oldest released note. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: SSE DAZ-mode detection could trash memory. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Range and snap options were not copied when cloning modules. Fixed. (Thanks Scot)
  • Manual updated (Revision 1.10).

    Demo version 1.02 expires October, 2008.

KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.0 released !

Mon, 05 May 2008

A new version of the KarmaFX Plugin Pack, version 2.0, has been released. During the hectic months up to the release of the KarmaFX Synth Modular, development of the KarmaFX Plugin Pack was heavily down prioritized. Therefore it is now time for an update of this useful pack of VST effects. Bugs have been fixed and features have been added or improved. The main change however, is the inclusion of a brand new 15 page User's Manual.

KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.0 changelog.
  • Added performance improvements.
  • Added SSE3 code path and memory optimizations to Reverb plugin.
  • Plugin dll's are now compressed for faster load times.
  • Individual version numbers for the plugins have been removed.
  • The plugin pack now includes an (optional) 15 page User's Manual in PDF format.
  • Equalizer has been extended with optional Low and High shelving and an extreme 36/48/96dB boost switch. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
  • Bugfix: Automating many parameters simultaneously could malfunction in all plugins. Fixed. (Thanks Buckley!)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer mode was not computed consistently which made it possible to select 24dB but get 12dB. Fixed. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer GUI Alt-moving sliders has been improved and an Alt-Shift tilt option has been added. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer filters modified and extended to 64 bit to reduce quantization noise. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer filters weren't reset when going from inactive to active state. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Equalizer's gain and mix parameters are now interpolated more to avoid zipper noise.
  • Bugfix: Equalizer on/off LED switch could cause unneccesary clicking. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Filter's cutoff frequencies shown in the GUI were inaccurate. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed tiny memory leak in GUI code in all plugins.
  • Bugfix: Fixed overflow bug in Reverb when using high damping values.

The bell tolls - KarmaFX Synth featured in CM Synth Essentials, April issue

Wed, 09 Apr 2008

CM's resident "king of the oscillators", Scot Solida, uses KarmaFX Synth for recreating DX7 style bell sounds in the April issue of Computer Music.

In his own words:

“ We're using KarmaFX Synth as an additive synth. ”

In the same issue, KarmaFX Equalizer is used in their feature article "The Ultimate Guide to EQ". CM writes:

“ This 31-band graphic EQ has a secret: select the frequency range you want and the bands adjust accordingly, for a total of 93 bands ! ”

The KarmaFX Synth Limited-Time Introductory Offer has expired.

Mon, 14 Apr 2008

For a limited time KarmaFX offered a full registered license of KarmaFX Synth Modular for only €68+VAT/$98. As of today the price is now set to the standard €76+VAT/$120. Price has been adjusted to take into account the decline in the US dollar.

Manipulating waveforms - KarmaFX featured in CM Synth Essentials, March issue

Sun, 09 Mar 2008

Synth wizard Scot Solida goes back to the source with a guide to spicing up those common-or-garden saws, squares and sines in the latest issue of Computer Music. As usual he uses KarmaFX Synth Modular to show off his nifty tricks.

Scot writes:

“ The cool thing about KarmaFX Synth is that each module has a waveform display, so you can see what's happening to your signal as you shape it. ”

KarmaFX Official Sponsor for Drum & Bass Event in March

Fri, 07 Mar 2008

KarmaFX is happy to announce that we again are sponsoring 'Socialism' in London, 11th March.

The line up is:

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.01 released !

Thu, 31 Jan 2008

Contains bugfixes and minor new features. A fresh install is unfortunatly required due to an online update bug in v1.00. Registered users have been notified by e-mail.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.01 changelog.
  • Double clicking on module captions now minimizes/maximizes them. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Patch can now be changed by clicking directly on the control panel display. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Online update version-check was unfortunatly flawed. Fixed, but fresh install is required!
  • Bugfix: Control events were not properly filtered, causing e.g., modulators to sometimes wrongly retrigger in legato mode. Fixed. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Online update could not update skin dll's due to access permissions. Fixed so they can be updated in future releases.
  • Bugfix: Minimize/Maximize module could cause clicks in output since v1.00 RC4. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: In Cantabile: Changing patch with GUI closed and then reopening the GUI would reload the last patch set inside the GUI. Fixed. (Thanks dj.tuBIG)
  • Bugfix: Sampler's SF2 Soundfont import would not always read loop-points. Fixed. (Thanks Jeremy)
  • Bugfix: Crash fix for when loading a non-existing patch from a user-edited bank. (Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Fix for crash when having more than 20 user waveforms in the Additive module.(Thanks Flos)
  • Bugfix: Imported waveforms in the Additive module were not always saved. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Changing module type would not always reset internal module state. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Vowel 1 and 2 were incorrectly named Vowel A and B in the GUI's wave display. Fixed. (Thanks Scot)
  • Bugfix: When renaming a control, a dash '-' would show up as a 'z'. Skins have been updated to fix this.(Thanks Argitoth)
  • Bugfix: Uninstaller was not included in the registered version v1.00 due to a technical issue. Resolved.
  • Manual has been updated. Did some minor changes and added bookmarks (Thanks Dom).
  • Demo version now expires after the 30-day evaluation period.
  • Patch saving in the Demo version is now disabled.

    Demo version 1.01 expires August, 2008.

His Master's Voice ! - KarmaFX featured in CM Synth Essentials, February issue

Tue, 29 Jan 2008

Scot Solida is back with an excellent two-page Synth Essentials column featuring KarmaFX Synth. In this February issue of Computer Music Magazine, Scot uses KarmaFX Synth Modular for Vocal Synthesis!

KarmaFX Official Sponsor for Drum & Bass Event in January

Mon, 17 Dec 2007

  KarmaFX is happy to announce that we again are sponsoring 'Socialism' in London! This time January 15th.


KarmaFX Synth Modular voted #1 in Computer Music Special !

Sat, 01 Dec 2007

In the recent Computer Music Special: "The Fast Guide To Synthesis", CM have round up the most favoured commercial and free synths.

For the last 3 years KarmaFX has provided the public beta version of KarmaFX Synth Modular VST synth and effect unit as donationware. Computer Music readers have shown their appreciation for the software and this fact by voting KarmaFX Synth Modular into 1st place on the top 10 chart of best "free" synths!

CM writes:

“ ...KarmaFX Synth is, simply put, a wonder. ”

“ It's a breeze to carve out your own sonic signature with this instrument. ”

KarmaFX would sincerely like to thank all those who voted! To show our appreciation and celebrate, KarmaFX has created a special CM patch bank which is on the magazines DVD.

This issue also features an article on "Modular synthesis from the ground up" featuring a two page KarmaFX Synth tutorial.

KarmaFX Synth Modular has since reached version 1.0, and its donationware days are now over. On November 1st 2007 it was converted to shareware, but a free demo version is still available for download.

Breaking the Sequence ! - KarmaFX featured in CM Synth Essentials, November issue

Sat, 10 Nov 2007

KarmaFX Synth Modular is once again featured in Scot Solida's excellent two-page Synth Essentials column in Computer Music Magazine.

This time Scot shows a step by step guide on how to use the sequencer module for modulation!

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