Forum and F.A.Q added to the webpage

Wed, 01 Jun 2005

The KarmaFX F.A.Q. and the KarmaFX Forum has been added to the webpage. The Forum is meant as a service where users can ask for help, suggest features, share patches, report bugs, or just talk about music making in general. Bugs will also be reported there as soon as they have been confirmed.

KarmaFX Synth 0.87 BETA released

Wed, 18 May 2005

KarmaFX Synth 0.87 BETA changes.
  • SVF lost sound when turned off and then on, until cutoff was used. Fixed.
  • GUI fix. Sometimes the modulation leds under knobs got lost at random when a patch was loaded.
  • Fixed crash on systems with high latency. Max-latency is still 2048 samples though.
  • A fix for the "tiny window bug" which appeared in Emagic's Logic has been added.
  • Added support for resizing the window. User can choose between small (800x600) or large (1024x768).
    This is changed instantly in hosts that support dynamic window resizing.
    Otherwise it is changed the next time the synth is loaded. Setting is saved in the registry.
  • Switching modulation module could cause other modules to freeze in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
  • Poly12, Poly16 and Legato added to notepitch controller.
  • Using multiple notepitch controllers in series or parallel should now work better.
  • Some modules would trigger when initialized. Fixed.
  • "Reverse" function added to sampler's pop-up menu.
  • Retuned filter kybd tracking to be more aggressive.
  • Added "Frequency" controller component. Sweep range is 14 octaves.
  • Enabled knob-snap on knobs with integer ranges (e.g. note and octave).
  • Opening, closing and reopnening the synth could cause a blank vst window in some hosts. Fixed.
  • Added MidiTrig modulator for velocity and note midi-signals.
  • Added MidiData modulator for standard midi controller and pitchbend signals.
  • Added some more patches.
  • Added installer exe (NSIS).

KarmaFX Synth 0.86 BETA released

Fri, 13 May 2005

KarmaFX Synth 0.86 BETA changes.
  • Limited max number of inputs into a component to 10.
    Before too many inputs caused a crash.
  • Major memory leak fixed.
    Before, opening and closing the synth many times would cause a crash.
  • Buggy ADSR retrigger fixed
    + increased ADSR times from 2500ms to 10000ms
    + re-adjusted envelope amplitude.
  • Added extra save info.
    "Author" and "Description" fields are now saved with each patch.
  • Strange behavior when rewiring a Polyphonic synth was fixed.
  • Improved host update of automation controls.
    Would sometimes still be active in the host even though they were disabled. Fixed.
  • Ouput component is now undeletable.
    Before an output-delete would cause a crash.
  • Fixed crash bug when selecting "New Patch".
  • Added infinite loop check when connecting a component to itself.
  • Added experimental mouse wheel support (only works in some hosts).
  • Edited some old and added some new patches.

KarmaFX Synth 0.85 BETA released

Sat, 23 Apr 2005

KarmaFX Synth 0.85 BETA changes.
  • (First public beta release.)
  • Rock solid accurate midi-triggering (<0.85 had glitches).
  • Added automation controls.
  • Better band-limiting of classic synth waveforms.
  • Added noise and input generators.
  • Added Comb,Allpass and Shelving filters.
  • Fixed many, many small silly bugs (too many to mention anyway).
  • Hunted and crunched a few more denormal issues.
  • Fixed minor gui errors.
  • Made skin support (skin is stored in an external dll).
  • Increased max number of patches from 32 to 128.
  • Polyphony fixes.

KarmaFX Deelay 1.1b released

Sun, 25 Apr 2004

KarmaFX Deelay and Filter 1.1b changes.
  • Better sounding delay line interpolation.
KarmaFX Filter 1.1b changes.
  • Filter-mode button did not kick in before a knob was moved - fixed.

KarmaFX Deelay 1.1 and Filter 1.1a released

Sun, 25 Apr 2004

  • Readjusted all frequency ranges.
  • Fixed minor parameter interpolation bug.
  • Filter: Replaced one-pole highpass filter with a better sounding one.
  • Deelay: Replaced filters with better sounding and steeper ones.
  • Deelay: The level parameter did not work as it should - fixed.

KarmaFX Filter 1.0 and Deelay 1.0 released

Wed, 02 Jul 2003

First Filter and Deelay release.

KarmaFX Synth v 0.65 BETA

Tue, 17 Aug 1999

First (non-public) beta working as VST.
VST port working quite well, except for inaccurate midi triggering, missing polyphony and minor GUI glitches.
Legacy screenshots are available here.

KarmaFX Synth v 0.55 BETA

Thu, 19 Feb 1998

First (non-public) standalone beta.

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