Still some problems (Synth v1 DEMO/FULL)

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Still some problems (Synth v1 DEMO/FULL)

Post by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX » 02 Nov 2007 23:43

1. KarmaFX Synth v1.00 (demo and full)
2. Cantabile Lite 1.2 (this time it matters, for one of the problems)

Problem 1:
Something happened to how envelopes work with filters. On one of my already-made patches, (KEY Typical Trance Chord) it appears that when playing with polyphonic notes, the envelope would retrigger as if it was monophonic. (ie: IF I hold a C, then press an E afterwards, both the C and E would trigger the envelope, instead of just E. It's like repeating chords while you're adding.)

Problem 2:
On Cantabile (TopTen Software), there seems to be a tendency for unwanted patch switching. Let's say I've already opened the GUI once and left it at one of my patches. I close the GUI, change a patch using the Host interface instead of the GUI, then reopen the GUI, it would switch the patch to the one it was before regardless that the current patch had already been loaded, it just reverts to what it was before I closed the GUI in the first place.

This has been a problem since the beginning, though I've only tried this in Cantabile so... (But it only happens on this synth)

Problem 3:
Is it possible to have a "CLK" function for ENVELOPE module? (Not ADSR, the ENVELOPE one.) With ADSR, the CLK function helps for some patches so I'm thinking, why not for Envelope? Or is there a reason why there isn't?

Problem 4 (new):
MIDI control assignments. Uh... Is it me or is it that when assigning CC's, it overrides anything else that uses different CC mappings while some of the blank patches don't have any CC's mapped? Are they saved with the patch or as a per-user-setting thing?

4. Explained as above.

Thanks. :D
EDIT: Paid, and got full version. Thankya!

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Post by karmafx » 28 Jan 2008 20:27

phew..working my way through this list of bugs takes longer that I thought... :?

Problem 1:
This might be related to this bug:
which has been fixed. but I will check it out some more...

Problem 2: You're absolutely right. This is fixed now. Will be in next release.

Problem 3: CLK disables volume ramping in the ADSR. The envelope does not have volume ramping, so that's why there isn't a CLK option.
That said, there is really no reason I can think of, as to why Envelope shouldn't have a CLK option. Maybe in a future release?!

Problem 4: I'm unsure what you mean by CC. If you mean MIDI Controls assigned to the knobs in the control panel?..then Yes, these are set for the whole synth (not per patch or per instance) and stored in the registry.
If you mean regular controls, which appear inside the host and can be assigned to any knob in the synth, these are set per patch.

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Post by Argitoth » 29 Jan 2008 04:59

Keep up the good work!

PS: I love the new "new post" image! :D :D

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Post by audiojunkie » 05 Feb 2008 10:35

Hey Kasper,

Just to let you know. MaliceX frequents KVR a lot, and he is a "bug-finding machine." If you want someone who will help you find all of the little problems in a software package, he is the person to find them. :-)

I'm glad he's using KarmaFX Synth..... His usage will help us all in the long run... :D


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