We need some kind of Container!

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We need some kind of Container!

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It´s me, Roger from FAMA: http://www.fo-co.com/fama .
I have the following suggestion.

As the screen space is always limited, how about some kind of container (o macro...)?
I refer to some kind of module, which can contain other modules.
Routable with container inputs and outputs, we can overcome the limitation of our computer screens. A module with lets say 5 inputs and outputs would be enough. If we need more, we can use more containers...

What do you think?
All the best.

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Re: We need some kind of Container!

Post by Molec »

I must admit, I don't particularly like the GUI, so some kind of rack wouldn't go amiss, with a flippable front/back feature for advanced cabling. The Propellerheads copied this from pre plug-in days and because it's easy to understand, its open to some very advanced routings with minimal learning.
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